I do hope you will be informed and enjoy the new look 9940 Newsletter. This month’s issue is on the theme of ‘membership’.

While we’re on the subject of members, if Rotary is such a great idea, why wouldn’t we want to have more members? So here's my challenge.

I want all clubs in our district to commit to starting a new club! Yes that’s correct, your Governor hasn’t gone crazy... every club in our district.

In my previous blog post I talked about the importance of traditions, but with the need to break with traditions when important new circumstances present. So the mission to grow Rotary in 9940 is just such a break with tradition. I’d like to see Rotary thinking and acting more like an organisation that is part of a new world of influence and community engagement.

There’s lot’s more to see in the August Newsletter issue, including 5 Top Membership Ideas from your District Committee, plus the Rotary E-Club of District 9940 launching in September 2015. Click on the image above to read more.

Simon Manning
9940 District Governor’s Blog

Now here’s a challenge to all District 9940 clubs

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