This month is a time to reflect on the wonderful difference the Rotary Foundation makes in the world and the impact it has closer to home – in District 9940. Did you know our district currently receives more funding from the Rotary Foundation than it currently sends overseas?

As you will be aware this month is Rotary Foundation Month.

The Rotary Foundation is the part of Rotary that excites me the most and I believe that's a common feeling among others in the movement.

The Rotary Foundation is the very heart of a Rotary that gives something immeasurably good to the world – just think of the Polio Eradication Program. Without the Foundation, Rotary would simply be less effective.

As I have been visiting clubs around our district, I have been asking all of us to consider personally donating to the Rotary Foundation this year. There are more details on how you can do this, via our giving programs here.

When I see Rotary efforts in funding programs that assist those less fortunate than us, it makes me so proud to be a part of this organisation.

FOOTNOTE: Have you thought about holding the ‘World’s Greatest Meal’ in conjunction with your Christmas function? Read more here.

Simon Manning
9940 District Governor’s Blog

I urge you to think generously about the Rotary Foundation in November

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