Rotary membership month

1 August 2015

August is Rotary Membership month.

5 Top Membership Ideas from your District Committee

  1. Just go up to your friends, family, workmates, speakers and ASK them along to Rotary.
  2. Run a Prospective Members evening. Contact Deb for proven formats that work.
  3. Keep an updated list of your Club Alumni members – RYLA, RYPEN , Youth Exchange Students, GSE, Ambassadorial Scholars.
  4. Contact them and ask them to speak at your club with the idea of inviting them to join Interact, Rotoract, Rotary at some stage.
  5. Contact new people in town – business, home owners and invite to Rotary
  6. If the above ideas  fail then go back and ASK more friends, family, workmates, and speakers. It is said too often the “nobody has asked me to join Rotary”.

DONT LET THAT BE SAID OF YOU. Your Rotary club’s future relies on YOU.


Rotary membership month

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